Review:The outcomes of WWII

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In simple form, the basic cause of World War II was the creation of economic crises, compounded by a world wide Depression that motivated a former soldier in the German Army, Corporal Adolf Hitler to seek power. The vengeful Allies sought to punish Germany with economic sanctions, payments and humiliating limits on its military that resulted in a smoldering anger in the population that easily exploded when the opportunistic Hitler used an existing Fascist political group to promote his own ideas of power. Hitler was an expert at finding the lowest common denominator that could unify and mobilize a population. His clever use of power shows, rallies, his own mesmerizing speaking ability and selection of like-minded deputies who shared his past mis-fortunes from the Allies’ punishments all built a machine that both enslaved and empowered much of the population. By focusing their anger outward at the nations who had forced Germany to accept humiliating conditions, and inwardly by targeting the Jews as the cause of their economic woes, the attention of the citizens was drawn away from the evils they would help to perpetrate on the world. Germans desired a secure, orderly and economically profitable existence. Hitler unified them in this pursuit by focusing their loyalties, energies and souls into a perverted semi-mystical vision of the Aryan, pure race that was destined to rule the world. The fantasy eventually disintegrated into rubble ruin and shame in 1945.The information doesn‰Ûªt stop now. Keep looking: June 2013

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